President of TENMAK Prof Abdulkadir BALIKÇI Presented Our National Statement at the "International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Power in the 21st Century"

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) organized fifth International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Power in the 21st Century in Washington DC, United States of America, from 26 to 28 October 2022. The Conference was hosted by the United States of America through the Department of Energy and organized in partnership with the International Energy Agency and in cooperation with OECD/NEA. President Prof Abdulkadir BALIKÇI presented our national statement at the Conference.

At the conference, attended by ministers, policy makers, senior officials and experts; participants discussed and exchanged views on the key issues related to the development and deployment of nuclear energy, including the reliability and flexibility of the nuclear industry during the COVID-19 global crisis and its contribution to economic recovery efforts amid the ongoing global pandemic.

The following topics were discussed at the Conference, in which aimed to engage in high-level dialogue on the role of nuclear energy in the transition to clean energy sources, and its contribution to sustainable development and climate change mitigation.

  • Fulfilling the Promise: Achieving Net Zero with Low Carbon Nuclear Energy
  • Enabling Environments: Creating the Conditions for Wider Deployment of Nuclear Energy
  • Strengthening the Fleet: Extending and Expanding the Clean Energy Contribution of Existing Nuclear Power Plants
  • Charting the Course: Pursuing Early Deployment of Advanced Reactor and Waste Management Technologies
  • Enhancing Confidence: Effective Regulatory Oversight for the Future of Nuclear Energy

President Prof Abdulkadir BALIKÇI stated in his speech at the conference that “Türkiye remains resolutely committed to the goal of ensuring a safe, secure and peaceful utilization of nuclear energy and as a newcomer; we are making concrete efforts to establish our nuclear energy infrastructure.”

Prof BALIKÇI said “In order to attain carbon neutrality and sustainable development objectives, nuclear energy will play a vital role in providing clean energy. Decarbonizing our energy system is critical to reach our climate objectives and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050”.

Pointing out that Türkiye continues its efforts to increase the share of renewable energy sources and to add nuclear power to its energy mix, Balıkçı continued as follows:

“Currently simultaneous construction of 4 units are progressing at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant. Successful commissioning of our first Nuclear Reactor in Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant expected to be in 2023.

I would like to highlight IAEA's contributions towards ensuring safe use of nuclear energy through its review missions and advisory services.”

Balıkçı stated that other missions like Emergency Preparedness Review and State Systems of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Material will be implemented in the next year and in this regard, Türkiye is improving its nuclear regulatory infrastructure by following IAEA's suggestions. Moreover, he expressed our confidence that the IAEA's important assessments and advisory services will also ensure the safe and successful commissioning of the first nuclear reactor at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant.


Prof BALIKÇI said “Türkiye is a participant in the Agency's Comprehensive Capacity Building Initiative for nuclear safeguards. We are grateful for the Agency's efforts to provide services and assistance that are specifically suited to our nation's requirements.

The Nuclear Harmonization Initiative was launched this year, and it gave us a great chance to standardize a global framework for future nuclear plant designs.

With the ratification of the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and Radioactive Waste Management in July, Türkiye is now a party to all international nuclear conventions and routinely provides compliance reports to foster transparency and confidence-building.”

Emphasizing that Türkiye attaches importance to to involve women, enhances the presence of women in nuclear area in the country and improve the gender balance in different working areas of nuclear applications, Balıkçı concluded his speech as follows:

“Established organizations and bodies in Türkiye will continue to focus on improving the well-being and prosperity of country with the use of nuclear science and technology in energy, food, agriculture, industry, water management, human health, climate change and environment.

Türkiye appreciate the efforts of the IAEA to promote a strong and durable global nuclear cooperation under ever evolving circumstances and reaffirm our strong support to the Agency to attain the highest standards to promote peaceful uses of nuclear energy and nuclear technologies for peaceful applications.”